In a fun and informative chat with Craig Waters, we talk about the value of community as a learning platform, the rise of the generalist, and much more on how you can take your career to the next level with some simple steps that Craig, and others, have proven out.  

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What’s the deal with unikernels?!  We had Ian Eyberg of Defer Panic join us to talk about what a unikernel is, why it’s an important part of the overall IT strategy, and when you should or should not use them.  A great end-to-end discussion that will also open your eyes to new ways of doing some interesting things!

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In a great conversation with Brian Gracely, we talk about moving up the stack, the Cloudcast podcast, the evolution of IT, and much more.

Our conversation tackles the very important topic of measuring technology like containers in it’s placement on the hype cycle, and where the adoption of next-generation technologies are working in real use-cases.  Brian provides very specific and real examples of why cloud, containers and other technologies are beginning to really drive a lot of innovation in business.

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With the OpenStack Summit coming up in Barcelona, and the Newton release of OpenStack coming in October, we take some time out to chat with Shamail Tahir.  Shamail has had a lot of involvement at many levels with the OpenStack community, and is part of the team that has put together the new AUC (Active User Contributor) Recognition program.

We talk about some features that are exciting in the Newton release, the changing of the process for the design summit, and much more on the overall OpenStack technical and user community.  

Thanks to Shamail for a great chat!AUC Program link:

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Following on our rebranding chat with Edward Haletky, this episode covers some very powerful tips on WordPress with regards to rebranding, site speed, plugins, security, and much more.  Thank you to Edward for a dynamic chat with some key tips that every WordPress site owner should know. 

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Having just completed the rebrand of TVP Strategy, we sat down with Edward Haletky to talk about being an analyst versus being a blogger, the rebrand of TVP Strategy, and much more.  This is the first of a two-part chat which will lead us to another session where we talk about the website changes and challenges that go along with a rebranding effort.

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As OpenStack celebrates the 6th birthday of the open cloud ecosystem, we chat with OpenStack Foundation COO, Mark Collier.  Mark has been in the industry and has helped to lead out the work on OpenStack from its inception to now, and this is just the beginning of the story!

Listen as we discuss the value of open source, the wins and challenges of open communities, and much more. Thank you to Mark for a very interesting conversation! 

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We had a chance to sit down with David Siles, CTO of DataGravity to chat on a few very interesting items.  The conversation spans everything from the recent important announcements from DataGravity, the upcoming VMworld community events, and a very informative end-to-end view of data security practices and the current trends in the industry. 

Thank you to David for a great chat, and make sure to visit the to find out about the events for VMworld 2016 including the multi-city bus tour!

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There is a shift in how we source talent in a world where remote work and the two-pizza team has become something that changed a lot of the world of high tech.  How do you build a community inside the office?  Jill Jubinski shares her insights into a widely respected style that she has brought to the industry after hiring and nurturing talented teams at some of the most well know technology firms. 

This is a must listen for managers, technologists, and human resource professionals alike.  Thank you to Jill for a really great conversation!

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Join us for a great conversation with Jono Bacon, who has been a part of some of the largest IT and open source communities over recent years.  We delve into how to build communities, the challenges of engagement, and how to support open source as an employer and as a contributor.  

We also discuss the latest initiative that Jono has been working with, Hack The World featured at 

You can find more about Jono’s work at 

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