Mountain View, CA, April 29, 2022 – The DiscoPosse Podcast, a highly rated and popular startup and technology podcast, today announced the launch of a new partnership with Shift Group. This marks another major milestone in the growth and impact of the podcast which explores long-form discussions with startup founders, business and technology leaders, venture capitalists, and people of interest.

“JR and the team at Shift Group embody what it takes to grow and build a startup by embracing and nurturing the power of people,” said Eric Wright, host and founder of the podcast. “It’s an honor to work with Shift Group to amplify how the world of media and the world of business is evolving. I’ve always believed that by empowering people and giving opportunity, we can really create change.”

With the success of podcasting as a way to reach a broad audience, it is a huge opportunity to share lessons and stories of real people making a difference every day. With over 30,000 audio downloads per month and a growing visual audience on YouTube, the opportunity to amplify the Shift Group story and impact is significant.

Shift Group has taken decades of knowledge in building elite sales organizations and an intimate understanding of the key skills needed for a successful career in tech sales to build a best-in-breed curriculum. On top of that, Shift Group provides hands-on training and prep that helps to produce some of the best salespeople in the world.

“Hearing the impact that our team has had with early-stage and growth-stage startups is amazing. Eric’s guests and the shared network we have grown personally over the years has proven just how important it is to put the right people together to do great things,” said JR Butler, CEO and Founder of Shift Group. “We look forward to putting the right people, with the right attitude, and the right training together and making great things happen for everyone.”

More businesses are launching now than ever before and in order to unlock the full potential for growth, it’s critical to embrace new media and the right team to carry the message to prospective customers. People are the key to business growth as much as the technology or product itself. This is a significant opportunity to bring a growing, avid podcast community with elite individuals as they transition into technology startups.

Shift Group are growing quickly and looking for talented individuals and companies who need high-impact sales teams. Visit Shift Group online to learn more about the team. Podcast listeners can easily access the show at and now on YouTube and every leading podcast syndication platform.

About DiscoPosse Podcast: The DiscoPosse Podcast features technology and business entrepreneurs and startup founders sharing stories, lessons, and valuable insights into the world of tech, business, and productivity.

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Eric Wright
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Mountain View, CA, February 22, 2021 – The DiscoPosse Podcast, a highly rated and popular startup and technology podcast, today announced the continued expansion of its syndication network with iHeartRadio.   This marks another major milestone in the growth and popularity of the podcast which explores long-form discussions with startup founders, business and technology leaders, venture capitalists, and personal performance and productivity leaders.

“The ability to expand the reach and share the amazing conversations we have with our guests is incredibly exciting,” said Eric Wright, host and founder of the podcast.  “It’s humbling to see how quickly the popularity of our podcast has risen and how impactful it has been for our guests to amplify their stories and reach an active audience.”

With the success in syndication on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and other platforms, the addition of iHeartMusic signifies another strong step in extending the reach to new and diverse audiences for the podcast.  As a leading and popular source for startup enthusiasts, technologists, venture capitalists, and business leaders, the first 160 episodes mark only the beginning of a strong future sharing information and deep discussions.

“The results and response from our clients from being on the show with Eric is really positive,” said Brandy Whalen, co-founder of Kitcaster, a leading podcast agency.  “Eric brings a unique and engaging style that really helps his guests to explore and go much deeper into the why of their business and personal stories.”

Podcasting is proving to be one of the strongest markets for engagement and brand amplification. Podcasts are positioned to surpass what the Gutenberg Revolution did for print. While many podcasts fail to engage listeners and more than just talking points, the DiscoPosse Podcast goes beyond the headlines and the talking points to uncover the story, the people, and what matters to a rapidly growing audience. It’s our belief that everyone has a story, and our power is discovering it in interactive, long-form conversations that really resonate with listeners.

Podcast listeners can easily access the show at and now at iHeartRadio as well as Apple Music and every leading podcast syndication platform.

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Eric Wright
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What’s the deal with all the acoustic foam that you see in people’s studios?! Well, it actually works. One of the most misunderstood features of a good studio recording sound is the lack of, or misuse of acoustic foam to dampen echos and reduce sound reflection.

Lots of people loved the studio tour and how I described all my podcasting rig, so this is a response to a bunch of requests to explain how I’ve chosen to build out the room to support such a great sound.

The even better thing about this is that I show you exactly which foam I use, how I get it onto the walls using a suprising technique, and I even have all the links below so you can check it out directly and even pick up your own inexpensive acoustic foam and mounting gear.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Acoustic Foam Tiles

These are a little bit of magic! Not only are they inexpensive, but you can shape them into whatever design you want to make a nice look and sound for your studio setup.

Acoustic Foam Corners

One of the biggest issues is sound bouncing in and out of the corners of your room. Use these nifty corner designed foam sections to easily kill off that echo. I have a few and it does what I need for both look and sound.

3M Command Damage Free hangers

This is the secret sauce to my super cool studio setup. No-commitment mounting! If you want or need to move them around you’re free to do so with no damage! Don’t forget that these will get more sticky over time, so it’s not always mess-free when you remove them of they have been on a long time. It sure beats gluing everything up and having no way out.

Microphone Recording Isolation Box

Maybe you can’t put together a dedicate studio room, so this is a great option for a super tight sounding vocal recording setup.

TopTile Drop Ceiling Acoustic Foam Tiles

My studio has a drop ceiling. I used these nifty grey foam 2’x2′ tiles from Home Depot for the ceiling, and even used the spares I had leftover to cover my door windows and some wall sections. It makes a nice visual offset in the room from just the regular textured acoustic foam 12″x12″ tiles.

There have been a lot of questions coming in from social media about what gear I’m using for the DiscoPosse Podcast. I’ve been using a variety of equipment over the course of recording and over the years doing video and audio work. The best way to share would also be to give you the links to grab this great gear yourself!

Here is the list of gear that will be shown in the video down below which is part 1 of 2 for of my studio tour. You can also check out the second video which features my guitars, amp, and effect gear.

You can get all of these from Amazon which is actually how I purchased every part of the gear list myself. If you use the links below it also helps a little as I am also an Amazon Affiliate

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Microphone: Electro Voice RE20

This is a superb microphone which gives you the dynamic range and responsiveness of a professional microphone with a long list of others who are using it for podcast, broadcast, and more.

The Electro Voice RE20 is the ultimate microphone for a few reasons including how easy it is to get great sound without the crazy clipping and noise that is common with a lot of dynamic cardoid micrphones that are rather sensitive. I have a Rode Podcaster which is a really great USB mic as well as the Rode NT-USB which definitely takes some more artful positioning to keep the sound in range and not clipping out.

One of the best parts of the RE20 is that you don’t pick up the mouth noises that are very common in sensitive mics. Have you ever heard where it sounds like someone is swallowing or you can hear their lips and tongue moving? Ugh. The RE20 totally eliminates that. Makes a huge difference in the quality of sound and cuts down on post-editing needed.

Mic Stand / Boom Arm: Yellowtec M!ka

This one is right up there on the wish list with the RE20 for me and for many other podcasters and broadcasters. While I enjoy my Rode PSA-1 which goes along with some other gear I have, the Yellowtec M!ka (or Mika depending on where your read it) is the ultimate in desk booms.

The Yellotec M!ka is so smooth to move and the pneumatic feel means you don’t have clicking and scraping as you shift mic positions and your own reach while you record. This is the most versatile desktop boom I’ve ever used but it may be a little bit expensive for some folks who are more likely to lean into the very popular (and great) Rode PSA-1.

Microphone Mount: Electro Voice 309A

I figured there is no better mount for the Electro Voice RE20 than the Electro Voice 309A. This nifty unit mounts up nicely and provides a rubberized floating shock mount system. This means your microphone is suspended and you can move around without worrying about clicking and popping coming through in the recording.

Pre-Amp: Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1

Using the RE20 requires a little bit of a signal boost according to most of the folks who review and use it. The same goes for the equally popular Shure SM7B which happens to be a podcaster’s choice in many cases.

The Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 is what I’m using for giving that perfect little boost between the audio interface and the RE20. Luckily the Cloudlifter also has no external power required. It just uses the phantom power that comes from your mixer or audio interface.

There are a few models to choose from. I’m only using one microphone so I opted for the CL-1 which is just a one-in and one-out model. You can up your game to the CL-2 or the CL-4 if you’re aiming for more active microphones.

USB Audio Interface: Mackie Onyx 2-2 Producer

My choice for an audio interface was driven by simple criteria:

  • Supports 2 inputs
  • Supports TRS80 out for monitors
  • No external power needed
  • Works with native driver for OS X and GarageBand

I’ve used Mackie gear in the past, so this one met all my needs and I believe in the brand. My unit is the Onyx 2-2 Producer which is Mackie hardware under the Onyx brand. It supports two XLR inputs and has phantom power plus instrument support. This means I will be able to have outputs from my amp and the XLR in for my RE20 all at the same time.

It’s also handy because it takes the power from the USB interface to your computer. That means it will travel well if I need to take it mobile.

See (and Hear) Everything in Action!

Here is a video walkthrough as I unbox the latest gear that just got added to the DiscoPosse studio including a sound check for the Electro Voice RE20.

This is the next video which is a studio tour including the recording gear for the podcast.

I hope you find these links and videos helpful as you make your choice for your own gear for podcasting, recording, or just for fun! Please feel free to drop a question in the comments below or on the video pages and I’m always happy to discuss and advise on gear.

It’s always a pleasure to share time on the microphone with the team at who joined us for Episode 80. It’s especially enjoyable to watch the evolution and growth of companies and people who are alumni of the podcast. The headline speaks loudly as to what their goal is as the press release reads “Clubhouse Raises $25 Million to Replace the Atlassian Suite for Modern Software Teams

This is also exciting on the heels of many new features and announcements that have come out since Kurt Schrader and Mitch Wainer took time to share their story with the podcast audience. Not least of which was the launch of their forever free option for small teams.

Image credit:

Big thanks and congratulations go to the entire team on this exciting news. We wish the Clubhouse folks great success and growth in the coming years!

This is a year to mark as a great, new beginning. As we launch this website we have our 100th episode around the corner. There has been a lot of excitement in the podcast team and it’s mostly because we have a team! I’m very proud to announce that Angelo Luciani is taking the lead on the operations of the podcast. Angelo is both an amazing friend and a great content creator so this is the greatest pairing as we continue to build on what began as a “let’s see if anyone listens” podcast in 2016.

Speaking of listens, we have just reached 60,000 listeners right from the main site and that does not include many more which are coming through Stitcher, direct download, and YouTube. Metrics are always interesting (read: unreliable) when it comes to podcasting but we have some great stats reviews coming up to share what’s happened across the first 100 shows.

Make sure that you stay tuned and share any feedback or show ideas right on our Contact page. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Welcome to 2020 and thank you for all that you do to make this podcast all that it is!