Ron Rock

October 18, 2021

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Episode 144 From Industrial IoT to COVID-19 Prevention with Ron Rock, CEO of Microshare

About Warren Shaeffer

Ron Rock and his team at Microshare knew they had the capability, and responsibility to use their technology in ways that could help change how the world dealt with COVID, although that wasn’t where they began.

We have an all-encompassing conversation about the Microshare enterprise scale IoT integration which is now being used for real-time:

  • Infection Control
  • Predictive Cleaning
  • Occupancy and Asset Zoning
  • Smart buildings without sacrificing privacy
  • COVID-19 has made “nice to have” health metrics into matters of life and death. 

Ron shares important lessons on how to adjust as a business in the face of adversity, and personal lessons that are important to people of all backgrounds and roles.

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