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In this episode, we chat with Andi Grabner (@GrabnerAndi) and Brett Hofer (@Brett_solarch) who bring some excellent insight into elevating development to a more DevOps methodology.  Understanding the challenges of embracing the culture, and what relatively common-sense steps you can follow to do the same in your organization.     Andi and Brett provide some great insight into:  

  • Fundamentals of some of the DevOps culture
  • Drivers and challenges that led to the need for DevOps
  • Embracing failure in testing
  • Blameless post-mortems and other great techniques to support development without friction
  • Thinking beyond lines of code as a metric
  • Code quality (you really have to listen in and you’ll love this IMHO!)

  And yes, we talk about the Phoenix Project! 

Photo by Fatos Bytyqi on Unsplash

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