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Yasmin Rajabi is a product leader focused on building products that empower engineers to move the business forward. She is currently VP of Product at Stormforge, responsible for Product Management, UX, and Docs.

We talk about the multi-variant challenge in Kubernetes Ops, the evolution of Ops, Platform Ops, and SRE, plus the real human experience that drives effective product building and adoption.

Yasmin is a rarity in the level of empathy and curiosity she brings along with her fantastic coding and product management and engineering skills.

You’re going to love this chat as much as I did!

Check out StormForge at https://StormForge.io

Follow Yasmin on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/yasminnx13

Here’s the entire Cloud Field Day 15 page feature lots of content with StormForge: https://techfieldday.com/event/cfd15/

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