Liza Huber

October 15, 2021

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Ep 163 Liza Huber on Adjusting Business in Difficult Times and Appreciating Life

Episode 113 – Why Adversity and Perseverance Create Great Opportunities with Sage Spoonfuls Founder Liza Huber

About Liza Huber

Liza Huber is an entrepreneur, award-winning cookbook author, wife, mom of 4 and the CEO & Founder of Sage Spoonfuls;one of the most trusted brands in mealtime products for babies and kids available at major retailers both nationwide and internationally.   In this return to the podcast, Liza shares how she adjusted her business and relationship with time as she talks about finding the inspiration to push through a difficult year with a positive outlook. 

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You can learn more by visiting Sage Spoonfuls and be sure to check out @sagespoonfuls and @lizahuber on Instagram

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We also talk about the challenges of leading a public life with kids and how to prepare them for the world of social media.  You can learn more about Sage Spoonfuls by visiting and be sure to check out @sagespoonfuls and @lizahuber on Instagram 

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